Trip To Arizona

A client hired us to move them to Gilbert, Arizona.  Since Big Bro Espudo lives in Tempe, Arizona…we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to help a client and visit Fatboy!

Visiting fatboy in Tempe, we went to Downtown Phoenix

Pino has a 166″ screen in his house, he has a basset hound named Dude that loves us more than him and we played video games, watched movies and laughed for days!  The 166″ screen was put together and installed with the help of Castroville native Sam Ramirez of Visual Audio Home Entertainment in Tempe, Arizona.  Pino took about two years to acquire all of the material and hardware…but Visual Audio Home Entertainment put it together in less than a week.  That included the BenQ W1070 Projector mounted on the ceiling, the Denon receiver hooked up to 7 Bose speakers and 3 subwoofers…and hiding most of the wiring.

166″ of NBA 2K17 Warriors vs. Cavs

Before we left, we hit the store and bought Big Bro a TV tray because he was using a plastic bin for his dinner table.  We also bought him a pillow because he gathers a bunch of towels old linens then stuffs them in t-shirts and uses them for pillows.  He refuses to buy some things for himself, so we bought him a pillow…but as you can see here, the dog claimed if for himself.

Dude takes command of the pillow we bought for Pino

Speaking of dogs, Pino took us by his hot dog stand located @ Arizona State University….and HOLY CRAP, the hot dogs are AMAZING!  Yummers chewy gooey Texas toast style buns and …damn you just have to try them for yourself.  The franchise is called Dave’s Doghouse and you can now find them in Arizona, California (the Staples Center)…even as far east as where the Atlanta Hawks play.

We Make America’s Favorite Food Better!

The trip was a blast and it’s always good to spend time with family.  Until our next post, stay safe and don’t move without us! –